Wedding Trends 2013: Ombre Cake

ombre wedding cake

Well hello Loves!! How is everyone enjoying their summer? I hope you didnt think I forgot about L+K… and most importantly, about the third wedding trend of 2013. Sorry for the Hiatus, I switched jobs and had to take care of some Childcare situations for the bebeb.

Today’s trend is mouth watering goodness…yet too pretty to think about eating. If you’ve been looking at the same stuff I have, there is no mistake that Ombre cakes are a big hit this year. Can someone say “trend alert” ! Bakers are getting very creative and their creations are absolutely beautiful. They range from elaborate ombre layering, to minimalistic or geometric details. Either way, I’m a big fan. You can see my Ombre Roundup above….these are just some of my faves.

And of course, I always love to offer a modified version. If you are not into the ombre look on the outside of your cake, you can always go ombre “inside.” Guests will have such a pretty looking suprise when your servers place that cake plate in front of them and they see those wonderful hues of cake.

Have any of you had an ombre cake for your wedding or party? please share!! I would love to see it!




ombre insides

Wedding Trends 2013: Braided Tresses

braid cover

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you had a fabulous week. I am super excited for this weeks Wedding Trend and have been waiting all week to share it with you. I love love braids and I love how they are becoming a main staple for wedding hair in 2013…they’re all over the place! Braids are so playful and delicate, whimsical and dainty, it’s no wonder they are so popular for weddings. There are many ways you can incorporate

There are many ways you can incorporate lovely braids into your wedding tresses. Check out some of our favorite inspirations.

wedding braids
{photo boards by me on Polyvore}
Til next week…for our next wedding trend of 2013

Wedding Trends 2013: Mint

Minty Fresh Wedding
Spring is in full bloom and along with it comes Wedding Season!!…Which is why this months theme is Wedding Trends! I am in love with all the fresh Minty inspiration popping up in the wedding scenes. So cool and classy, you can showcase the minty hues in modern, vintage, or classic styled celebrations. It can be your main color throb or a fresh accent. However you choose to use it, this color is definitely here to stay all year long!
Need a little inspiration? Check out a few different ways you can whip up a little mint into your wedding.
mint inspiration
Stay tuned next week for another Wedding Trend here on the blog!
{Boards made by me on: Polyvore : Pictures from Pintrest}

Tuesday Soirees: Ombre Cake

{image found on Colin Cowie Weddings actual design by Maggie Austin Cake}

I am absolutely in love with this cake! I cant stop looking at it! the beautiful ruffles, the pink ombre….detailed flowers atop….Drooling. Right. Now!

I’m begging someone to please use this as inspiration for their wedding cake!!


Colorful Pallete: Jungle inspired

board created by Zenadia Designs
Don’t you love all these colors!!? Its so fresh and vibrant. A Modern Jungle inspired event! I was inspired by this color palette and inspiration board made from Zenadia Designs and decided to make an inspiration board of my own. This was probably one the funnest ones I have done because you can get really creative with it. My fav part was incorporating some of my favorite patterns like Ikat and trellis patterns….which i love to use in my home.
You can incorporate all these little details like subtle leopard prints, bamboo accents, ferns & palms and wear fun statement pieces and accessories like the turquoise feather necklace or gi-normous hair flower pictured below. you can show off, patterned linens, vibrant colored glass on your table scapes, breezy, flowy dresses, tropical flowers of every vibrant color, safari details….shall I keep going?
Well, below is my inspiration board with all things that evoked a modern jungle feel to me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. Made on Polyvore…as always =)

Ikat Caftan Dress
$195 –
Print dresses »

Cyan Bamboo Wing Back Chairs
$1,575 –

raj tent

The Boutonniere – bamboo

Sneak Peak: Jinjie + James

Today’s post is a behind the scenes sneak peak at Jinjie & James’ 8.28.10 wedding.

We had a blast coordinating their event at St. Joseph’s Basilica and the San Jose Museum of Art.
The day definitely had its challenges starting with the sprinkler system turning on in the “getting ready” room for the bride and bridesmaids and flooding the room. However the night went well and you wouldn’t be even be able to tell from the Bride and Groom’s faces. The bride handled the situation with patience and poise…it was amazing!!
J +J wanted to host a chic and modern event so their choice of the San Jose Museum of Art was a great choice. their colors were silver/gun metal gray with pops of fuchsia…..and of course you cant forget the bling.
Utilizing a whole lot of the museum, J+J used the museum lobby for cocktail hour , the grand entrance down the big stair case, and for partying the night away. The Cafe housed the bar and the photobooth as well as the buffet food tables. The main Wendell ballroom was where the guests wined and dined and where the family shared a slide show and did a family vow, sand ceremony.

The details were for major importance for my bride so we had to make sure everything was perfect for her and hubby =). She had so many wonderful ideas and details she wanted to incorporate. From a custom made money box, puzzle piece name cards on industrial steel, a crystal curtain back drop, to their very own art installation incorporated into the decor, it was all thought out and we were very determined to get it right for J+J.

Personally, my favorite was the family vows, sand ceremony. It was very touching. Both Jinjie and James, entered their new life together with their own kids and they wanted to make sure that their new family unit got off to a wonderful start. The new husband and wife recited vows to each other’s kids…which was very profound and moving…and then they asked the kids to respond to their own vows as well. Then they each poured their own vase of sand into a larger one and each kid received a family medallion. It really was my favorite part of the whole evening.

This was probably the coolest thing ever. Their guest book was a puzzle. One of the groomsmen and his wife had to section off a part of the puzzle to each table and each person at that table got a piece of that section. for set up. We had to place each piece with each person’s escort card. Both the puzzle piece and escort card had a magnet attached to them. We then assembled them on the corrugated piece of steel (pictured above) and as people came into the reception, they grabbed their name and puzzle piece. Before dinner. Guests were asked to combine their pieces with those at their table and when they got excused for dinner they came up to this table and placed their section in the designated spot (the groomsman where there to assist them) and each person signed the piece of steel. It made for a pretty awesome guestbook and keepsake for the couple.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak…stay tuned for the pro photos from Beth Dekker. She is a pretty awesome photographer.

Sparkler exit

Wedding Wednesday: Dreamy dresses and Wishing trees

I absolutely love wishing trees as a wedding detail. You can glam it up with crystals or make a more playful colorful type. Either way, Its a great way to have your guests write you something special and is a unique alternative to a guest book. We plan on having one at the wedding, just need to get the rest of my supplies. Another alternative to the tree is to have a wish bowl. you can have them write their message or wish on a piece of special stationary and have them drop into a nice bowl or hurricane glass.

Photos from Martha Stewart, flickr, the knot.

Aren’t these dresses dreamy? I have mine already but I still love looking at all the frills and drama that come out of these new collections. Tulle, Frill, and ruffles are all the rage now…..and why wouldn’t it be…its your wedding…the perfect time to be a girly girl or a show stopper (minus the diva attitude though).

If you are still looking for a wedding dress, don’t be afraid to be daring and add an element of drama or unexpectedness to your wedding dress. Have fun with it and still be beautiful! Go ahead and try that mermaid style or one shoulder, or that empire cut…..multi layered??? or super poofy?? Why not?? you cant rule it out until you try it on….you never know, you may end up with something you totally didn’t expect.
photos from, this is glamorous, pronovias.