Sneak Peak: Jinjie + James

Today’s post is a behind the scenes sneak peak at Jinjie & James’ 8.28.10 wedding.

We had a blast coordinating their event at St. Joseph’s Basilica and the San Jose Museum of Art.
The day definitely had its challenges starting with the sprinkler system turning on in the “getting ready” room for the bride and bridesmaids and flooding the room. However the night went well and you wouldn’t be even be able to tell from the Bride and Groom’s faces. The bride handled the situation with patience and poise…it was amazing!!
J +J wanted to host a chic and modern event so their choice of the San Jose Museum of Art was a great choice. their colors were silver/gun metal gray with pops of fuchsia…..and of course you cant forget the bling.
Utilizing a whole lot of the museum, J+J used the museum lobby for cocktail hour , the grand entrance down the big stair case, and for partying the night away. The Cafe housed the bar and the photobooth as well as the buffet food tables. The main Wendell ballroom was where the guests wined and dined and where the family shared a slide show and did a family vow, sand ceremony.

The details were for major importance for my bride so we had to make sure everything was perfect for her and hubby =). She had so many wonderful ideas and details she wanted to incorporate. From a custom made money box, puzzle piece name cards on industrial steel, a crystal curtain back drop, to their very own art installation incorporated into the decor, it was all thought out and we were very determined to get it right for J+J.

Personally, my favorite was the family vows, sand ceremony. It was very touching. Both Jinjie and James, entered their new life together with their own kids and they wanted to make sure that their new family unit got off to a wonderful start. The new husband and wife recited vows to each other’s kids…which was very profound and moving…and then they asked the kids to respond to their own vows as well. Then they each poured their own vase of sand into a larger one and each kid received a family medallion. It really was my favorite part of the whole evening.

This was probably the coolest thing ever. Their guest book was a puzzle. One of the groomsmen and his wife had to section off a part of the puzzle to each table and each person at that table got a piece of that section. for set up. We had to place each piece with each person’s escort card. Both the puzzle piece and escort card had a magnet attached to them. We then assembled them on the corrugated piece of steel (pictured above) and as people came into the reception, they grabbed their name and puzzle piece. Before dinner. Guests were asked to combine their pieces with those at their table and when they got excused for dinner they came up to this table and placed their section in the designated spot (the groomsman where there to assist them) and each person signed the piece of steel. It made for a pretty awesome guestbook and keepsake for the couple.

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak…stay tuned for the pro photos from Beth Dekker. She is a pretty awesome photographer.

Sparkler exit

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