“Oh Baby!” Shower

{all images by Vivian Sachs Photography}

Last weekend was our Baby Shower for the “Little Man.” I was so excited to finally celebrate his arrival with all our friends and family. To top it off, our friend and “go to” photographer, Vivian Sachs was there to capture everything.

Hubby and I started planning for the shower months in advance due to the fact that we had two big families and space would be an issue. I immediately went into design mode and for the past three months, it has been my little project on the side that gets my creative juices flowing. With Pintrest and numerous blogs for inspiration, and my handy/crafty familia at my side…I was really excited to put everything together.

Instead of going for a theme, I picked colors as my base and made a list of all the little details I wanted to add. I then started to think of how to make it all fit together.

Our Venue: Historic Adobe Building, Mountain View, CA

Base Colors: Navy Blue, White, Lime Green, Orange

Motif: Stripes, Chevron, Pops of Color, Playful

The sweets table was probably my favorite to put together since I just love eating sweets and treats right now =) On the table:

  • Chevron Cake made by my cousin Celine
  • Coordinating cupcakes also made by my cousin
  • SF Giants sugar cookies from Sweet Keiras to include mine and my husband’s vast enthusiasm for our bay area sports teams
  • Navy Blue M&Ms
  • Popcorn Cones filled with White Cheddar or Kettle Corn flavored popcorn. I made these using a simple template found here and bought some mini clothes pins from Michael’s and used a scallop punch out to cut out the tags. Double sided tape was the best at sealing the cones
  • Orange and Green swirl mini Lollipops with our custom Thank you sticker
  • Chevron treat bags from Shopsweetlulu.com which also had our custom Thank you sticker we ordered from Etsy’s The Preppy Lady Bug
  • specialty napkins we found at target and were on sale!

The streamer background was made by my family and myself. We were cutting and frilling crepe paper while watching all the torturous SF Giants playoff games. Since we had the shower at a historical building, we couldnt nail or hang anything from the walls or beams, so my dad and I constructed a simple pipe and drape using PVC piping. We actually made two backdrops. One for the sweets table and one for the Self Photo Booth. Want to make these cute frilly streamers? Here is the How to that we used!

The banners were made by mom using cream burlap and simple navy card stock. She drew and cut out the letters herself.

I really wanted a lot of stripes at the event and I tried to incorporate that into mini details like the straws and napkins. I was so excited to find this green and white strip overlay at a linen rental company so I paired it with a standard navy blue tablecloth for half of the guest tables.

I am currently obsessed with Geronimo balloons or anything that uses weather balloons…Just take a look at my pintrest page…I mean who isnt? So of course I used them as inspiration for our shower decor. I decided to do simple balloons for some of the centerpieces using a white weather balloon, Blue hanging tissue paper balls that I found at a typical party store and used more of the frilly streamers that my family had cut out for me. I just used glue dots (Zots) to assemble everything onto the balloon string and it worked like a charm

The second half of tables, we decided to do simple spray painted bottles with a single bloom. My Mom, Dad and Sister collected all the bottles I needed and my Dad spray painted them. The day before the shower, hubby and I picked up some coordinating blooms from the local farmers market and that was that.

My mom and I thought about doing a onesies table but not just with messy puff paints, I really wanted to try and make this activity practical and fun for the guests to make….mostly I really wanted the onesies to come out “wearable” for the baby boy. The result?? Remnant fabrics! we collected a bunch of remnant fabrics, threw in some fabric paints (the kids love those) and lots of scissors and a couple tubes of fabric glue and asked people to go to town. Above you can see only some of the numerous creative creations by our guests….Baby boy will definitely be wearing these. By the end of the event, the clothes lines were full of cute onesies.

Out of everything that resulted from the shower, the design, the presents, the food…everything, the guest book tree was my absolute favorite thing about the whole event. I ordered a digital graphic of a tree guest book (usually for weddings) from etsy seller little forests. and I printed out a 16×20 print at my local printers. We displayed it in a wood frame and had different shades of green ink pads next to it along with some sharpie markers. My sister used a little chalkboard to show the “How To” and everyone that came, made a little leaf print on the tree using their finger and wrote their name next to it. All the kids (baby’s cousins) did this as well and by the end of the day, the tree was covered in leaves. This piece of art will hang over the baby’s crib in his room. I absolutely love it.

Where there is a baby shower, there are games…more specifically, where there is a baby shower that my family is throwing, there will be games. My family loves games to a point where if there are no games at our party, some one will think something is wrong or we are not feeling well. With that said, we chose a few games play and with the weather being gorgeous outside, it made for a great setting. My sister thought of the game “Bobbing for nipples” for a set of guys to play which in itself was hilarious and gross. We also had teams of two play “feed the baby” blindfolded and for the kids, we played “Pin the baby on the Mommy”. It was so great to have a lot of kids there. They had a place to run around and play and I couldn’t help but think that soon enough, our little guy will be running around there with them.

Thanks to everyone that helped Daniel and I in throwing this baby shower…and most importantly to all our true friends and family who celebrated with us. It means the world to us that our baby boy is surrounded by such wonderful people


Anna & Daniel

*All Image Credits to: Vivian Sachs Photography*

d.i.y: Pie in a Jar

{all photo credits to green wedding shoes}

We found this awesome DIY great for favors, giveaways, or just to do…b/c its soo cool!! Thanks Green Wedding Shoes for sharing this great DIY.

Ingredients:Pie Crust Dough (fave recipe or pre-made)2 12 oz. cans of cherry, apple or your favorite pie filling2 Tb of sugar1 large egg beaten

Supplies:6 4 oz. mason jars, cleaned with lids and labels removedHeart shaped cookie cutter1 Cookie sheet

Directions:Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Press the unrolled dough bit by bit into the jars a bit at a time (not too thick!) until the jars are lined with the dough up to the rims. Reserve some dough for toppers. Next, fill jars nearly to the top with filling of choice.

Roll out reserved dough to roughly 1/8 inch thick and cut out 6-8 hearts. Place the filled jars on a sturdy cookie sheet and place into oven.

Bake at 325 degrees for roughly 30-35 minutes or until dough becomes a light golden color.
At that time, arrange the dough hearts on the pies, brush the hearts with the egg wash and sprinkle with sugar. Bake an additional 10-15 minutes until dough is golden brown all the way around the jars. If needed, place foil over the tops of the jars to keep the hearts from burning.
Remove and let jars cool on a rack. Decorate with ribbon, tags, or labels on lids as desired and give to your family, friends or wedding guests!

Cute Find: Ticings Cake decor

Planning for an upcoming party soon and stumbled upon this company called “ticings” which makes “edible icing appliqués” to spruce up your cakes or cupcakes. Their designs would definitely bring a fun flare to diy cupcakes for a wedding or any party!!

What are “Ticings”?
“ticings™ are thin sheets of edible icing printed with contemporary designs using food-grade inks.made in the u.s.a., gluten-free, FDA approved and kosher certified, ticings are best applied to fresh buttercreamfrosting. just peel and pressto give your cakes and frosteddesserts modern decorations in minutes!”

They have a few different types of designs for kids, parties, weddings…but you can design your own to match anything. I am thinking of using this for the cupcakes we are planning on making for my Grandma’s surprise shindig (a big reason I’ve been away from the blog world for a while when you combine that with weddings and consults).

Anyways, here are some really cute design and ideas from their page as well as a simple how to.

it’s as simple as one, two, three.”
1. frost. prepare your baked surface with a soft frosting (buttercream works best, but any soft frosting will work). make sure the finished surface is smooth and flat.
2. peel. with dry hands, gently peel ticings from the backing sheet and center on top of the frosted surface.
3. press. gently pat into place, smoothing the edges to remove any air bubbles or unevenness from the frosting underneath. add sprinkles, sanding sugar or frosting decorations around the edges to finish, or use alone for a quick and elegant decoration.

If you guys end up using them, share some pictures with me and I’ll do the same =)

Happy Weekend everyone!!

DIY Favors: Ice cream in jar!!

I just had to share this favor idea with everyone. I am a big…a HUGE…ice cream lover so when I saw this diy favor idea…I went nuts. This is a great idea for all the summer weddings out there and very unique. As a guest I would love to take one of these home and try this little treat…Do you remember doing this in your science camps when you were kids?!

I didn’t show all the step by step pictures because I am hoping you trot over to Style me pretty to take a look at the article. But here are the instructions.

Thanks to style me pretty for sharing this City Cradle Design.

Glass mason Jar
Small zip-lock plastic bags
half & half individual packets
Rock salt
sugar & vanilla powder

**The guest will only have to add ice!**
1) print out the labels for your jars, cutout and personalize the side label to say what you would like to your guests
2) Pour 1 cup rock salt into the bottom of each jar
3) Pour 1 tablespoon sugar & 1 teaspoon vanilla powder into a small (quart size) zip-lock bag and seal
4) combine the bag of powder and 8 of the half and half packets in each jar
5) tie on your front label with twine
6) tie on your side labels with ribbon for your guests