Wedding Trends 2013: Ombre Cake

ombre wedding cake

Well hello Loves!! How is everyone enjoying their summer? I hope you didnt think I forgot about L+K… and most importantly, about the third wedding trend of 2013. Sorry for the Hiatus, I switched jobs and had to take care of some Childcare situations for the bebeb.

Today’s trend is mouth watering goodness…yet too pretty to think about eating. If you’ve been looking at the same stuff I have, there is no mistake that Ombre cakes are a big hit this year. Can someone say “trend alert” ! Bakers are getting very creative and their creations are absolutely beautiful. They range from elaborate ombre layering, to minimalistic or geometric details. Either way, I’m a big fan. You can see my Ombre Roundup above….these are just some of my faves.

And of course, I always love to offer a modified version. If you are not into the ombre look on the outside of your cake, you can always go ombre “inside.” Guests will have such a pretty looking suprise when your servers place that cake plate in front of them and they see those wonderful hues of cake.

Have any of you had an ombre cake for your wedding or party? please share!! I would love to see it!




ombre insides

The Art of the Arnold Palmer

{photo by Honey & Jam}

While all of you are probably drinking your Harvest Blend drinks, pumpkin lates and apple ciders…I am still sipping on my go to drink which lasts me all seasons.

I am completely obsessed with Arnold Palmers, always have been. I order it / make it whenever I can. Usually seen as “summery” drink, an Arnold Palmer is simply 1/2 ice tea, 1/2 lemonade…thats it! With my AP skills getting more fine tuned I’ve figured out that I’m more of a 3/4 ice tea, 1/4 lemonade kind of gal but to each their own.

Now, even though an AP is simply pouring your ice tea into your lemonade and vice versa, you can get pretty fancy with the idea of the arnold palmer by adding flavored teas, flavored lemonades, adding fruit for infusion or adding a little kick with bourbon or honey liqour….The key for me to any of these…is Ice, Ice Ice!! Its only best when its chilly and refreshingly cold…even if its cold outside =)

Here are some recipes that you can try at home. For a holiday kick, make a cute red berry version to help you deck the hollies.  Cheers!!

{photo by Beautiful Mess}

Classic AP:

4 large black tea bags (or 6ish regular sized tea bags)
6 cups of water

1 cup sugar
1 cup water (for the simple syrup)
1 cup lemon juice (from 4-6 lemons)

Infused AP Ideas:

Add fresh cut fruit

Blueberry tea + Lemonade + fresh blueberries

Peach Tea + Lemonade + fresh grapefruit (this one is my fave!)

Rooibos Tea + raspberry Lemonade + fresh raspberries

AP with a Kick:

3/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
4 cups water
6 big strawberries
1 cup turbinado sugar (blended into fine powder)
4 cups your favorite iced tea
2 cups bourbon

Thanks Honey & Jam, A Beautiful Mess and The Chew for your great recipes



Roman Holiday… with a bump

Roman Holiday with a baby bump

Our Roman Getaway is a week away. This will be the last time we travel abroad before our little man makes an appearance… technically this is our babymoon! We planned it before we knew we were pregnant and when we found out, it was literally God’s grace that it ended up being in my second trimester when I could still travel. We had to tweak our itinerary a bit so the trip could be more “pregnant lady friendly”.  Instead of trotting all over the country, we picked two places we just had to go to in order to cut down on travel/transfer time giving us a chance to relax and settle down in each place rather than being… go go go all the time.

We will be settling in the hustle and bustle of Rome and all its Romance and then jetting out to the Italian Riviera for some R&R in Cinque Terre….Im looking for coastal views, hot sun, and some water time for this pregnant lady.

Getaway: San Diego

This past weekend, the hubby and I escaped to our Home away from Home: San Diego.
Beach time, waves and ocean breeze, shopping, foodie-ness, bright colored outfits, local art….was just what this girl needed.
We ate at a bunch of new places…SD is always popping up with newer and yummier places to sip and eat. We tried a cute brunch place called cafe chloe in downtown. One night we opted for a much needed dose of lucha libre mexican food. The other evening we chose Urban Solace for our wining and dining experience. This place is tucked away in trendy North park and has a great ambiance and wonderful food.

I decided to try the pork belly entree and Daniel got the chicken and dumplings. We snacked on their cheddar biscuits with yummy herb butter….Those biscuits were amazing and my pork belly was the best I ever had. I would recommend this place for a great dinner out. We had a private table but they also promote communal dining where you can share a table with other smaller parties. We thought that, that was pretty fun. I have to point out that there was a glaring art piece of Ron Burgundy (Anchorman) behind the bar…this was actually my favorite part!












To end our night and walk off the wine, we strolled through the “Ray St. @ Night” art walk. and listened to  live indie music with their own dancing kids. All the art studios were open for any of our art viewing pleasures. I got really drawn to the geodes and rocks that were popping up in a lot of the galleries. I couldn’t resist and bought a piece of green calcite which is the stone of “Letting go and moving on” and very cool piece of petrified wood which was collected and polished by artist “Orion Jewelry & Lapidary“. He travels all over to collect pieces and cut and polish them to make dramatic pieces. The hubby was super sweet and bought me a handmade blue octopus patina necklace made by Zedena Designs. Her work was displayed in the Striving Artist Gallery where they showcase local artists. She actually made the octopus by hand by making her own mold. This piece is so fun and I love why Daniel thought of buying it for me. He says, an octopus reminds him of me because I am always doing so many things at once, have different projects going on and am able to balance it all. Such a sweety!

Check out our spoils from the Art walk below!!











Isn’t the octopus cute?! Such a fun weekend! San Diego will always be a home to us. So I hear the weather here in Northern Cali will be beautiful…Here’s to another great weekend. What do you have planned?