Two Months In


Its been Two months now to the day since our newest been “Baby E” has graced us with his presence. Now let me just come out and say it…in all honesty… contrary to what almost everyone has told me, “I do not have it all figured out!”

Ever since I started showing with baby E in my belly to this very day, conversations usually go like this:

person A: “Oh when are you due?” / “Oh how old is the little one?”

Me: Respective answer

person A: “is this your first one?”

Me: NO, I have another son at home

person A: “oh so you’ve got it all figured out!” / “Oh so you know how everything is done already!”

Me: (insert reluctant giggle and swift exit)

As supportive as those strangers were trying to be, those words always sent a piercing worry down my spine. I’d start questioning myself, do I have it figured out? Probably not! Why do I feel this lingering pressure that just because I’ve been down that road before that I should now know what to do? When in fact…truth be told…I didn’t know what to do .

I have a two year old with a new one coming and yup, I felt CLUELESS! Ok yeah i knew how to change a diaper and swaddle (somewhat) and all that stuff, but being confident that I could properly, care for, nurture, provide for, entertain this new little one? well that feeling wasn’t all there yet. And after two months of being with this little bean, I’ll be the first one to say that it still isn’t all there yet

But what I have learned from my first go around and dealing with the added pressure of people expecting me to know it all, is that its ok to not feel confident in all of that yet. I think that if you were completely confident in all your abilities as a new mom, or a second/third go around mom, and you weren’t worried about what lies ahead on your road of parenthood, then I’d be worried for you. This worry, this doubt in your innate abilities as a mom, in the end, is a sign that you care, that you want to make sure you do your absolute best for your little one and its what drives you to learn, to embark on that daily journey in studying your little one’s every move. The worry, the fear, its natural and what Im trying to be better at this time around is to use it productively and not let it cripple me.

I had a unique experience when my first son was born. My Dad was gracious enough to spend that time off I had during maternity leave with me to help me out. Hubby wasn’t able to stay home because he had a new job at the time. But my Dad was there day and night (yes night time wakings too) and he was a great blessing! I was able to rest, get some stuff done in the house, step away when I needed to. In turn, my son still to this day is forever attached to my dad #bestiesforever (it is the cutest thing ever) but when my second little one came, It really felt like it was my first go around at this new parent stuff- doing it “all on our own”. My husband was able to stay home with me for the first month and a half, and as tiring as it was (and still is) it was so much fun trying to figure it out together. On top of that trying to figure out how to manage life with two kids (still work in progress lol). Hubby went back to work last week and I embarked on a new part of the journey – doing it “all on my own”. This is the first time I stayed home with bebe all by myself. Im a big girl-parent now! and as daunting as it still is, and as much as I am still trying to figure out, I look forward to it.

So yes, my name is Annaliese and I am a second time mom but No, I don’t have it all figured out and I wouldn’t have it any other way



Coming soon to L+K


Hello Lovelies!

We here at Lambs & Kings are always evolving and we want the blog to evolve with us. We are always trying to think of ways to improve, go bigger and stay relevant to “where we are” currently.

Soo…What’s up with us and What’s coming up on L+K?

Being a new Mommy certainly has contributed to my lack of time here on the blog not just b/c of time constraints but also because I wanted to be able to bring my A-game if I was to continue blogging, not just posting just to post…and juggling my time with baby Myles. The time off, gave me time to think about what I want to add to the blog and how I can make it include the biggest and newest portion of my lifestyle…which is being a mommy. Also I had to reconsider, how to juggle the blog, baby, home, and work (which I am starting next week! yikes!) so I came up with a plan that I think will make it fun for readers…give you something to look forward to… and give us the time we need to keep all our juggling balls in the air.

  • Monthly Themes / Weekly Posts: Each month we will have a theme (ex: diy, fashion, food, travel etc) and we will post on that topic once a week (every Thurs/Fri)
  • Weekly Wardrobe Roundup: I love experimenting with my wardrobe for work and for weekending. My goal is to do a roundup of my favorite wardrobe highlights from the week
  • Product Reviews: I love trying out new products for different things and I want to share my thoughts with you in case some of you out there are interested in trying out the same products. Products will vary from: baby gear, beauty products, food! If you have a product that you would like me to try and review, contact me.
  • Interviews: There are a lot of people that are an inspiration to me and they play a big fueling part to what and why I do this blog. Some of you may even know these individuals and if you are like me, I always wonder what its like to be them and pick their brain a little bit.

So what do you think? I hope you are just as excited as I am about these changes…let me know if you have any suggestions or if you would like to see something here on the blog.




{photo by Annaliese Cabrera Reyes}

Essentials for the Baby Waiting Game

essentials for the baby waiting game

Well folks…I have been on Maternity leave for a week now and have officially started the “Baby Waiting Game”. My days are full of extra sleep since night-time sleep is touch and go, pampering, reading, lounging around, staying active,  and a few bouts of shopping both in store and online. These are a few of my favorite things as I anxiously await baby boy.

For all you “mommy-to-bes” out there, when it comes to starting maternity leave, there is hope in staying comfy, stylish and glamorous. I believe it is essential so you don’t get cabin fever or start feeling crummy about yourself. I like to mix my days with doing some baby prep errands, a little physical activity, a bit of lounging, eating, sleeping, shopping, and lots of water….and not feel bad or guilty about any of it =)

Put on some comfy cute pjs, a good robe, light a fragrant candle, prop your feet up and pop open a good read, or finish writing those thank you notes from the baby shower….this is your time…enjoy it!! Baby will be here soon!!

1. Eberjey jersey robe – Feel fabulous while walking around the house
2. Kate Spade white pearl necklace – dress up any outfit when you step out for errands or wear it around the house
3. Target Tech accessory for the ipad – Give your ipad a facelift and make it more fun when you do your e-shopping
4. Topshop cream nail polish – Because everyone needs a classic manicure. The bottle is too cute!
5. John Robshaw Gold Thank You Stationery (Set of 10) – spend time writing letters or finishing those TY notes
6. DIPTYQUE ‘Gardenia’ scented candle, – Fill the home with some fancy “smell goods”
7. Target Xhilaration® Junior’s Pajama Set – White – How can these PJs not make you smile?
8. Gold embossed personalized pencils in pink – Somethings pretty to write those notes or even your grocery list
9. Grace- A memoir by Grace Coddington – A very very good read

Our Little Man

{Image and design by Mypartydesign on easy}

Well it is official! we can announce it…Our little family is growing by two feet!

My husband and I are expecting our first child and we are thrilled! By the picture above, hopefully you can tell that yes…it will be a little baby boy or as my husband likes to call it, “a little future SF Giants player” (if you’re not a fan, dont hate!)

Hopefully that explains my extreme absence. these last 4 months. My first trimester was super hard on me. Morning sickness really kicked my butt and any leftover ounce of energy I had went to my job and to the hubby/family. I had to keep taking sick days and work from home days, just to make it through without slacking at my job and when I got home, I would just crash…or run to the bathroom. Yeah, not so flattering. That went on for about 3.5 months. This last month, I’ve been spending getting back up to speed with just Life and feeling like my self again. I was able to start cooking, taking care of the house, actually shop for clothes that would fit and just in general enjoying the pregnancy and time with the hubs and pups. It feels good to be back.

Thus far, pregnancy has treated me ok. Now I just get the occasional bouts of headaches and nausea but nothing compared to the first trimester. We found out it was a boy two weeks ago. We are so excited to finally know and to get prepared for the little man to come.

Things are gearing up fast for us. We are preparing the baby room (Inspiration boards in full effect), coming up with concepts for the baby shower,  oh and you can’t forget our Roman Holiday / Baby-moon trip coming up in two weeks!! Thats right!! me and the hubs are going to Italia….our last time abroad before the baby comes. I am so excited to go but even more excited knowing that next time we step into international land, we will be able to experience it with our child. So of course, I am busy planning away our itinerary (this usually would be done by know but with a rough first trimester, that was definitely not going to happen)

More on Trip and Baby boy soon!… I promise!



Welcome to the new Lambs & Kings


Welcome to our newly minted site! we took this week to work on refreshing the blog and giving it a mini makeover. If you didn’t notice…we are our own .com now!!

yes we are officially

We hope you enjoy the new look and still love the same content as all of our previous posts have been moved over. If you are visiting us from our old blog. We are happy that it redirected you and that you found our new home. Hopefully you will be regular visitors. Let us know what you think!

Interested in Pintrest?

My goodness!! Welcome back me!! Sorry everybody for the dry spell. It is way to long of an explanation but just know that I missed my blog dearly.

Part of what has just recently been taking my attention away from my desire to blog is my desire to “pin”….are you all part of pintrest?? I swear it is addicting. It gives you a way to store things you stumble upon that you like, that are inspiring…things you want to “save for later” and you can pin them to your “board”.

Above is a snapshot of my pins….you can join pintrest and follow me!!

Refreshed and Lovely

{Kate spade’s tumblr & pasteled}

Its been a bit quiet in our camp the past couple weeks. I just started a new job and for the past weeks Ive been straddling two jobs because while going though my last few weeks, Ive also been working and training for my new job…so that lead to loooong days.

With everything settled down and back to having “one” regular job, I can finally get back to having a life….and getting back to refreshing my blog.

Ive been wanting to refresh the blog for a couple weeks now and just open all the windows, letting all the air and light in. Weddings are definitely one of my loves…but I really want to shine the light on other things I love.

So be prepared to see a little more variety here on the blog, not just wedding related posts, but on a plethora of subjects. You’ll start seeing more Interior styling and home making (I like to call “domesticating”) , and fashion; my favorite style icons, outfits, online stores, and who knows what else. Why the mix up? I feel like all these aspects reflect on my personality and my style and my inspirations which intern inspire my weddings and ideas….which i hope inspire you!!

I love the above image. It is so refreshing and glamorous!!