What We Love: Home Edition

what we love home edition

Here are some great pieces I’ve found that have really sparked my fancy. I will be slowly trying to curate them one by one for the home as I try to save some moolah for all these goodies. First on my list is the number one item…Gold Flatware from West Elm!!

I was so excited to find these doggy bed duvets from Molly Mutt. They have such cute and stylish colors with great patterns you can coordinate with your home. The two pups are up for a new bed.

Click on the links below if you are interested in more info on any of these goodies.

Happy Friday my Lovelies! Have any special plans for the weekend? The hubby and I are traveling to San Diego for a little R&R. I would say “fun in the sun” but it seems like we can’t escape the cold weather that is covering California. I tell you, I’m done with the cold weather….I’m sorry, I thought it was spring!

Join the Arm Party!

bracelet set 1

Who doesn’t love a great arm party?! layer up your bling, add some color and get creative. Here are some awesome pieces that you can add to your collection to make an arm party to match any outfit and any mood. I love Tory Burch’s leather wrap bracelets with the right amount of gold detail and color options…its perfect for layering and mixing with your chunky metals. Kate Spade has a vibrant array of bangles and bracelets. All of them look so chic and fun!

bracelet set 2

Forever 21 has so many bracelets and all at an affordable price. They range from tribal, to edgy, to modern and all under $10. Cant beat that. I love Stella and Dot’s selection of arm candy as well. They have a ton of high end style with affordable price tags.

bracelet set 3

I’m sure you have all seen the friendship bracelet trend that has been going around…and for good reason! they are a great way to add an effortless and nostalgic feel to any fancy outfit and not to mention all the great diy projects that result in shop worthy pieces. If you don’t have the time to make your own…head on over to Asos for some great selections. My favorites are pictured above.

If you’ve seen any of my instagram pics…my fav go to arm party pieces are my leather Tory Burch studded wrap and my vintage Monet chunky link bracelet. If I feel real spunky, I’ll add my gold Michael Kors Classic watch to mix.

Do you have favorite pieces?


P.S. Sorry for all the weird single posts from polyvore last night…for some reason my blog was linked to my polyvore account so whenever I uploaded images to add to my boards for the upcoming blog posts, it would automatically post here…geez! glad I caught and fixed that!

In a Nutshell

Happy Friday everyone! For once this week has gone by super fast. I didn’t get to post on Wednesday like I would have wanted to so this will be a double header Friday! The hubby and I got a lot done this past week and I think I actually did an adequate job documenting most of it. Here is to another fabulous weekend and hopefully a fabulous week.

1. Re-arranging our entry way console table. Some of my favorite books
2. Tulips at the farmers market
3. Whos-its and Whats-its galore at the Alameda Antique fair…which is HUGE!

1. My favorite snack: Garlic Naan with Pesto baked in the oven
2. Catching up on blog reading while waiting for an oil change
3. Our new brass Greek horse found at an antique store in
4. My winnings from the Alameda Antique fair: a pair of mini vases, pink oriental tea jar, art deco necklace, vintage glass drop earrings, pearl earrings, vintage Schick razor (hubby’s cool find)
5. Our new favorite cheap snack in Berkeley…$2.00 ice cream sandwiches at Cream
6. Outside Cream. They have wonderful vegan cookies!

1. Rainbow chard at the Farmers market…picking up our essentials
2. Gold Angel cabinet handles from the Alameda Antique fair
3. Awesome vintage Typewriter
4. Brass Animals galore!
5. My new cute mini vases…love the malachite green!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!

Joyus & HD Buttercup Event


This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending the Joyus + HD Buttercup event @ the HDB headquarters in SF. Joyus is a revolutionary online shopping experience that harnesses the power of video to reach out to their customers and make the shopping experience more personal. It was an event to celebrate the launch of Joyus’ home edition as well as their first annual designer challenge. They challenged 7 well known designers to make over a bare room using items that were pre-selected from HD Buttercup. Have you heard of HD Buttercup?…Well let me tell you! this is a furniture, home design, eye candy heaven.

we walked into the event and I was instantly taken away by all the layout, the wonderful, genius design and the seemingly endless amounts of home decor and furniture. We were greeted by an enormous plate wall, which I couldn’t help but look at. There was open bar with flowing champagne, a clever concoction called “Joyus Juice” which was joyously delicious with peach, lime, vodka and jalapenos…yummy!



There was so much to see and so much to look at but the highlight of my night was getting to meet and talk to Erin  Hiemstra the creator of Apartment 34. I’m such a big fan of her blog! Erin was one of the designers who participated in Joyus’ Designer Challenge. Watch her transform her room here! and don’t forget to vote. She is such a great down to earth person. I’m hoping to connect more with her and other local bloggers in the future. 

Joyus and HDB definitely put on a great event. Great space, great people, great activities like a design your own room photo booth. They had a table of all these home accessories and a blank room space. You had one minute to decorate it however you want and then talk about your design and take photo in your room. It was pretty fun…a lot of pressure though lol! Did I mention that they had free food trucks there that were serving some bite size snacks? It was great!

I would highly recommend checking out HD Buttercup if you are looking for unique, great quality pieces for your home…or even if you need a little inspiration and don’t forget to look for awesome finds and shopping events at Joyus.


My Bookshelf: Meet the Newest Members

Yesterday the hubby surprised me with some awesome new additions to our bookshelf…I guess he does pay attention to all the blabbing I do about my blog world because he picked up on how much I have really wanted the Design Sponge @ home book. With all of its fresh ideas and style, I’m so excited to dig into this new coffee table book which now sits aside my Domino Book. 
He also picked up a copy of the “stylists guide to NYC” which was something I bumped into when we went to antrhopologie recently. We are going to NYC this summer and he thought I might find it handy. It is geniusly and beautifully put together and is a great guide for anyone that just adores NYC and wants to see more than just the everyday nuances. It gives you tips and places to go for things like hardware, jewelry, antiques, places to eat, odd facts etc with a stylists, lifestyle and interiors point of view. I told him that he might have made the biggest mistake because now I will be dragging him with me all over town using this book. 
I love collecting books…both to read and to display. I have quite a few on my want list. On my “Cant wait” list, I have the Cupcakes and Cashmere book which is coming out this year. You can pre-order it on Amazon…which I did! Also cant wait for the Cannelle et Vanille Cookbook which is also coming out this year. This is one of my favorite food blogs because her recipes are simple and home grown and her photos are oh so lovely!
On my “Want” list, you have the Coveted Chanel Collections book, Vogue covers, Nostalgia in Vogue, Vogue Living, Elle Decor….it keeps going
What are your favorite books both to read and display. I always love a good book rec. Happy Friday everyone!

Closet Addition: Flowy Electric Pleats

flowy electric pleats

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. If you are looking to add some new versatile flavor to your closet look no further. I think every closet should have at least one electric pleat skirt or dress (both is good too!) in a flowy & flouncy material. I personally love chiffon skirts. Its perfect for this season, the styles, lengths and color choices are endless. To top it off, they are very comfy and the pressed pleats make any outfit look polished. I personally need to find a pleated maxi for my closet. You can go simple and casual and tuck in your favorite tee into the skirts, go on a date and spruce it up with a statement blouse, foxy heels and your favorite clutch, or go to work and pair those dresses with a  sharp blazer and pumps. A lot of the skirts & dresses I used in this design board, are reasonably priced… and those that are not, well, I am sure similar styles can always be found for much less…I’m all about that! so go get one!


Happy Hunger Games!

Yes it is finally here! Have you read the book? are you part of the throngs of people who have gotten addicted to what is the Hunger Games?…I am definitely one of them. 
Seriously, go check it out…it’s a great story about morality, relations, and has lots of good drama…and is wickedly twisted. I have been anticipating the movie ever since I finished the whole series and I am so excited to see it at a private screening tomorrow with my family. No long lines for this girl!
It will be interesting to see all the fashion and styling used in this movie and to pass the time, this slow Friday afternoon, I couldn’t help but conjure up my own Hunger Games inspiration boards. BTW, the awesome pin featured above is from etsy artist the bird the bee, its sold out…obviously, but keep checking for their restock.
Enjoy and…Happy Hunger Games!…May the odds be ever in your favor!
District 12 Style
District 12 style

Katniss Everdeen…cant forget the orange backpack…or at least my take on it.
Katniss Everdeen inspired look