Organized: Truffle-ing

one truffle

I am a sucker for organizing and products make it that much easier for you. A bonus would be a product that looks good and makes your stuff look good too. That is why I love these One truffle pouches. Designed with your items in mind. These lovelies are popping up all over instagram with people showing off their Truffle stuffed with their goodies….usually well thought out items that when paired together with other cutesie items in your truffle, make for a cute little showcase…and instagram photo =)

On a practical side, these pouches are great with their durable construction and clear pouch, you can see what you need to get without shuffling through the deep abyss of your bag. With sleek dimensions and great sizes that are meant to fit tablets, documents, shampoo bottles, you can see why these pouches are so versatile and wont take up a lot of space in your bag. On their website right now, they are doing 25% off three pouches….you know whos headed over there right now to grab some?…THIS gal!

I plan to use them as a great go to pouch to throw in my bag with some baby essentials making it easy for me to switch between bags. How would you use it?

BTW these make awesome Christmas presents or stocking stuffers for the organizer, traveler, or big bag hoarder in your life…just saying!



  • One truffle website: here
  • And follow them on Instagram to see the styled photos im talking about!

Getting back into it

Why Hello Luvlies!! Its good to be back. Hubby and I got back from our Italian Getaway/babymoon a week and a half ago.

The trip was nothing short of Amazing and everything we experienced was pure divine. More on the trip later when I can post some pictures…dont fret, it’s coming soon =)

Meanwhile, trying to get back into the swing of things was rough. Coming back is never fun, but its the catching up on emails, battling jet lag, work, laundry, unpacking…you name it that really gets you!! Well, I think I have finally gotten my groove back for the daily grind. At the top of my list was to start eating appropriately for baby, and start exercising again. Stuffing my face with pasta, bread, pastries, gelato and seafood in Italy for a week and a half hasn’t been the ideal daily meal for me. And its been a good 4 weeks since I hit the gym or did my Bar Method Class because of the two weeks of gearing up for the trip and the actual two weeks on the trip and coming back and adjusting. Im hoping that all the walking we did counts as something.

Anyways, I wanted to share my go to boosters with you that get me back in the game.

1. Almond Milk & Kale Smoothie

Trust me! It is so good!! If you haven’t discovered Almond milk…do it now! It taste great and of course has great health benefits. You may have read about me drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie, which is fantastic as well but since being pregnant, I found that it makes me sick probably b/c of the chunks and stuff and it takes a little longer to make. I still make the juice version when I have the time but this momma needs something quick! I tasted the Almond Milk & Kale smoothie first at a local farmers market and I was hooked. Here is the super easy recipe. Totally adjustable to fit your taste buds

2 cups almond milk

6 leaves of Kale take out the middle stalk

2 bananas (frozen is my fave but not necessary)

2 tablespoons of honey or stevia…whatever your like

Throw it in the blender and you’re done!

There are a lot of Almond milk smoothies out there that you can make so go ahead and experiment.

2. Mixed Green Salad with dried Cranberries and Almonds

I seriously love this super easy to make salad. I’ve been having it as part of my lunch since getting back and sometimes its all I eat b/c it tastes so good. There is a fancy martha steward version here which is good for when I have time but again, from day to day I just throw some mixed spring green salad in my bowl, a handful of dried cranberries, a half handful of sliced almonds and some cut up strawberries if I have them and take some balsamic or olive oil dressing with me in a little ziplock bag and I’m good to go.

3. Prenatal Bar Method

I swear by this workout. If I ever get into a workout slump, I pop in one of my Bar Method DVDs or head to a class and I instantly feel “back in the game” although also feeling like my legs and arms are jello. Since being pregnant, I’ve tried to make it a point to fit their prenatal workout in because it really targets muscles that you need to keep active and in shape while your pregnant, not just for looking great but feeling great and carrying that extra weight. If you are not the exercise studio, lululemon loving type of exerciser, their dvds are just as effective and you can do them on your own schedule, at home, in whatever gritty sweatpants your heart desires. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced Classes and DVDS and ones that target sculpting certain areas… BTW a ballet bar is not require if you do the DVD.

Well I hope you try out some of my go to daily boosters. Im about to enter trimester 3 so cheers to that!!

Coming up, we are in full baby shower planning mode, baby room design mode and this weekend we are doing our maternity shoot!! More on all that soon!!

Roman Holiday… with a bump

Roman Holiday with a baby bump

Our Roman Getaway is a week away. This will be the last time we travel abroad before our little man makes an appearance… technically this is our babymoon! We planned it before we knew we were pregnant and when we found out, it was literally God’s grace that it ended up being in my second trimester when I could still travel. We had to tweak our itinerary a bit so the trip could be more “pregnant lady friendly”.  Instead of trotting all over the country, we picked two places we just had to go to in order to cut down on travel/transfer time giving us a chance to relax and settle down in each place rather than being… go go go all the time.

We will be settling in the hustle and bustle of Rome and all its Romance and then jetting out to the Italian Riviera for some R&R in Cinque Terre….Im looking for coastal views, hot sun, and some water time for this pregnant lady.

Our Little Man

{Image and design by Mypartydesign on easy}

Well it is official! we can announce it…Our little family is growing by two feet!

My husband and I are expecting our first child and we are thrilled! By the picture above, hopefully you can tell that yes…it will be a little baby boy or as my husband likes to call it, “a little future SF Giants player” (if you’re not a fan, dont hate!)

Hopefully that explains my extreme absence. these last 4 months. My first trimester was super hard on me. Morning sickness really kicked my butt and any leftover ounce of energy I had went to my job and to the hubby/family. I had to keep taking sick days and work from home days, just to make it through without slacking at my job and when I got home, I would just crash…or run to the bathroom. Yeah, not so flattering. That went on for about 3.5 months. This last month, I’ve been spending getting back up to speed with just Life and feeling like my self again. I was able to start cooking, taking care of the house, actually shop for clothes that would fit and just in general enjoying the pregnancy and time with the hubs and pups. It feels good to be back.

Thus far, pregnancy has treated me ok. Now I just get the occasional bouts of headaches and nausea but nothing compared to the first trimester. We found out it was a boy two weeks ago. We are so excited to finally know and to get prepared for the little man to come.

Things are gearing up fast for us. We are preparing the baby room (Inspiration boards in full effect), coming up with concepts for the baby shower,  oh and you can’t forget our Roman Holiday / Baby-moon trip coming up in two weeks!! Thats right!! me and the hubs are going to Italia….our last time abroad before the baby comes. I am so excited to go but even more excited knowing that next time we step into international land, we will be able to experience it with our child. So of course, I am busy planning away our itinerary (this usually would be done by know but with a rough first trimester, that was definitely not going to happen)

More on Trip and Baby boy soon!… I promise!