5 Things: That make me smile

1. Mint & Nude

I love this oh-so-chic-ly styled outfit showcasing a yummy minty sweater. I need one {image}

2. Colorful scarves and wraps

The amazing work of etsy artist SolDelSur showcases fun colors and handmade goodness…not to mention these to die for Aztec scarves

3. Classic Watches

Need Not say more…I need this watch!

4. Flowy and Flowery Anything

Images of summer and flowy styles run through my head all day long.  Perfect for passing the time in my cold cold cubbie at work. {image}

5. Dreamy Summer Sips

If you have not tried your share of Lavender Lemonade, you are missing out. This is my favorite Sunny Weather sip. Perfect for this long weekend coming up. Here is the recipe 


Ok Lovelies… Im so sorry I havent been able to post as much as I wanted to since we launched the new sight. We were aiming for three x a week but I think I may only have enough energy to get one out per week. Bummer I know….but this is only temporary. Truth is, I havent been feeling up to snuff lately and have gotten under the weather a lot which is the reason for my absence. I hope to share more with you all soon…I promise. but for now, I hope little snipets will keep you guys entertained while I get back up to speed.  Hope you enjoy and more new later  =)



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