Joyus & HD Buttercup Event


This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending the Joyus + HD Buttercup event @ the HDB headquarters in SF. Joyus is a revolutionary online shopping experience that harnesses the power of video to reach out to their customers and make the shopping experience more personal. It was an event to celebrate the launch of Joyus’ home edition as well as their first annual designer challenge. They challenged 7 well known designers to make over a bare room using items that were pre-selected from HD Buttercup. Have you heard of HD Buttercup?…Well let me tell you! this is a furniture, home design, eye candy heaven.

we walked into the event and I was instantly taken away by all the layout, the wonderful, genius design and the seemingly endless amounts of home decor and furniture. We were greeted by an enormous plate wall, which I couldn’t help but look at. There was open bar with flowing champagne, a clever concoction called “Joyus Juice” which was joyously delicious with peach, lime, vodka and jalapenos…yummy!



There was so much to see and so much to look at but the highlight of my night was getting to meet and talk to Erin  Hiemstra the creator of Apartment 34. I’m such a big fan of her blog! Erin was one of the designers who participated in Joyus’ Designer Challenge. Watch her transform her room here! and don’t forget to vote. She is such a great down to earth person. I’m hoping to connect more with her and other local bloggers in the future. 

Joyus and HDB definitely put on a great event. Great space, great people, great activities like a design your own room photo booth. They had a table of all these home accessories and a blank room space. You had one minute to decorate it however you want and then talk about your design and take photo in your room. It was pretty fun…a lot of pressure though lol! Did I mention that they had free food trucks there that were serving some bite size snacks? It was great!

I would highly recommend checking out HD Buttercup if you are looking for unique, great quality pieces for your home…or even if you need a little inspiration and don’t forget to look for awesome finds and shopping events at Joyus.


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