My Bookshelf: Meet the Newest Members

Yesterday the hubby surprised me with some awesome new additions to our bookshelf…I guess he does pay attention to all the blabbing I do about my blog world because he picked up on how much I have really wanted the Design Sponge @ home book. With all of its fresh ideas and style, I’m so excited to dig into this new coffee table book which now sits aside my Domino Book. 
He also picked up a copy of the “stylists guide to NYC” which was something I bumped into when we went to antrhopologie recently. We are going to NYC this summer and he thought I might find it handy. It is geniusly and beautifully put together and is a great guide for anyone that just adores NYC and wants to see more than just the everyday nuances. It gives you tips and places to go for things like hardware, jewelry, antiques, places to eat, odd facts etc with a stylists, lifestyle and interiors point of view. I told him that he might have made the biggest mistake because now I will be dragging him with me all over town using this book. 
I love collecting books…both to read and to display. I have quite a few on my want list. On my “Cant wait” list, I have the Cupcakes and Cashmere book which is coming out this year. You can pre-order it on Amazon…which I did! Also cant wait for the Cannelle et Vanille Cookbook which is also coming out this year. This is one of my favorite food blogs because her recipes are simple and home grown and her photos are oh so lovely!
On my “Want” list, you have the Coveted Chanel Collections book, Vogue covers, Nostalgia in Vogue, Vogue Living, Elle Decor….it keeps going
What are your favorite books both to read and display. I always love a good book rec. Happy Friday everyone!

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