Closet Addition: Flowy Electric Pleats

flowy electric pleats

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. If you are looking to add some new versatile flavor to your closet look no further. I think every closet should have at least one electric pleat skirt or dress (both is good too!) in a flowy & flouncy material. I personally love chiffon skirts. Its perfect for this season, the styles, lengths and color choices are endless. To top it off, they are very comfy and the pressed pleats make any outfit look polished. I personally need to find a pleated maxi for my closet. You can go simple and casual and tuck in your favorite tee into the skirts, go on a date and spruce it up with a statement blouse, foxy heels and your favorite clutch, or go to work and pair those dresses with a  sharp blazer and pumps. A lot of the skirts & dresses I used in this design board, are reasonably priced… and those that are not, well, I am sure similar styles can always be found for much less…I’m all about that! so go get one!


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