Adventures of a Shopper

The best feeling ever is when you feel like you totally scored on a shopping trip…am I right girls? Its when the pieces without a doubt belong in your closet and you know it the moment you pick up that piece off the rack. The best part…is when you get all of it for a killer deal.

Well I had just that giddy experience when I went for a lunch time jaunt over to the nearby by (a little too nearby for wallet safety) Marshalls…yup, I shop there…all the time in fact! and my wallet and wardrobe cannot thank me enough. Hubby still shakes his head though  :-/ Its a great place to get pieces that can spruce up your closet and I especially like going there for needed wardrobe basics…If you go at the right time, you can actually get top end designers at a really great price. you just need to be in the mood and have the patience to scan through the somewhat un-organized racks.

I went with a couple of my coworkers just to get out and mingle and shop…not really wanting or needing anything to buy. Within minutes I scoop up a bunch of neutral colored blouses, chiffon, lace, crochet details….and I’m think “good start”. I peruse through a few racks and find some striped polyester collared blouses…Ooo “perfect for work or weekending” throw a belt around it and I’m set. Lastly, I head to the pant section and find a comfy pair of Levis 501 straight leg jeans (love Levi’s and I like to keep my jeans simple with a straight or boot cut). I turn around to the next rack and see a total score for me! a pair of Kelly green cigarette pants! Gawk! I was just gushing over them the other day in my post on “Going Green” and I actually have started seeing them pop up in photos, ads, and blogs all over the place. The coolest part is that I got them for a mere $16.99… (10x better than the $150 I was contemplating spending) and they are super comfy. I Snapped a photo once i tried them on in the fitting room because I just had to share. The super bright lights bordering the mirror make them look a tad brighter than they really are and they look kind of teal in the photo. But in real life, I love the color. Do you like?

Here’s to fabulous and affordable fashion find! Happy Shopping!

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