Pick me up Accessories

Happy Monday people!! Its hard coming back to work on a Monday isn’t it? I decided to give myself a little pick me up from the “case of the Mundays” and share with you all the cutesy accessories I have been stock piling in my image files waiting for the day that I can acquire each and every one of them =)

You may rock awesome style within your wardrobe but what about your accessories? Are the items in your purse as stylish as the purse itself? Or what about your office or tech accessories? I absolutely love it when I see adorable and well styled accessories….. It’s always in the details right?

I currently started a new job and I’m in the process of trying to spruce up my workspace. I want cute pens, folders, project notebooks etc. I’m also contemplating what cute laptop bag I can get for carrying my work computer. Great accessories are a total pick me up from drabby monotone office spaces and have proven to be a total motivator in doing my work! Increased productivity! Who wouldn’t want to go to meetings if you get to whip out your pastel color block pens from kikkerland ($6 for the set) and take meeting notes on your Kate spade Debra planner!

Imagine returning to your desk with a lovely Tory burch mousepad!


Are you a tech accessory hog like myself? Then you must have a stylish case for all your accessories! I actually have this pink case mate for my iPad and I love it. In fact I’m typing out this post on it right now.

And what would an accessory post be without me posting pictures of lovely purses in which I would love to carry all of these accessories in? Pictured below is the Pippa Modalu satchel in Shark. It is indeed named after one of my fav ladies Pippa Middleton. It’s always sold out so get on the wait list like me. And isn’t that minty Emporio Armani just to die for? So wanting!

Go on! pick up some asesome stylish accessories!! you know you want to! your wardrobe will thank you…lol
What is your favorite stylish accessory either in your purse or at work?
Just for flavor I wanted to share these amazing wingtip ballet flats….aren’t they adorable?

Ok well… Back to work! Have a lovely week everyone ❤


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