Going Green

 {eye candy from pintrest}

One can say that I definitely go through color phases with my style and my aesthetics at home. Right now, I am particularly gushing over all the green I have been seeing. Particularly the emerald and Kelly greens. The color is so bright and eye catching yet it is so refined! Its one of those colors that makes me feel instantly classy. I may not have a pic of the whole outfit above but I definitely want! Paired with gold… you get instant glam!

Or you can go big and go sparkly!

Both Kelly and Emerald green are great for all you color blocking fanatics out there! I’m certainly one of them. I particularly love pairing with neutrals like the picture below or with navy blue. But, I can see some of you go even further with these lovely greens. These pants certainly would do well in any color blockers wardrobe!
I have a shorter version of this blazer and I absolutely love it! It’s an instant pick me up to any casual “head out in jeans” outfit.
Speaking of emerald green, these Bracco earrings from shopbop are absolutely adorable with its vintage inspired design.
Adding luscious green accents to your home decor will definitely do the trick in bringing some sophisticated eye catching eye candy to any living space. I love how it pops amongst neutrals, blacks and whites… I Spy green pillows on the side!
Do you have green incorporated in your wardrobe or home? what are your favorite pieces?
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