Mad for MADMEN

   {via pintrest}

March 25th cannot come soon enough!

Oh my dreamy Donald Draper (sans smoking). I have been waiting the whole year for the season 5 premier. I’m off this past week taking some time between jobs and I finally cracked open the Christmas present my sister gave to me in order to take some of the edge off my anticipation… MAD MEN DVDs…ALL 4 SEASONS!

If you have not watched mad men…well, you need to. It’s good and it’s addicting. Plus, DD is not that bad on the eyes.

The fashion is amazing, the women are beautiful & crazy, and getting a glimpse into lifestyle during that time is oh so intriguing. What more can you ask for? So go ahead! give it a shot!

Check out miss Joany!

Isn’t she gorg! and when you do get into it, you cant help but watch it with a cocktail in an “appropriate” glass in hand.
Let me know what you think!

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