Getting Cozy in our New BLOG Home

Welcome everyone to Lambs & Kings! We are so excited to be here at our new home…we are smiling from ear to ear =)

Are you wondering where Lambs & Kings comes from? I did promise on our former home that I would let you know. Well, I decided to move and to re-brand because I am getting into a new place, a new season in my life…and I wanted this blog to be more personal, more lovely and more of everything that inspires us in all aspects of my life.

Since I have been married, I added my husband’s name to my last name. My last name is “Cabrera Reyes” (that’s right, two words, no hyphen please!). My last name “Cabrera” in Spanish means a goat/sheep herd, and Daniels last name “Reyes” means Kings. Put the two meanings together and you have Lambs+Kings….This blog is my new last name and it is very special to me.

I have a lot planned that I want to share, and I hope you all keep in touch with us and don’t be afraid to make it “official” press that “Follow” button.

Before our next post…let me ask all of you, what are you hoping for in this new year? I’ll share with all of you what is on our agenda this year… stay tuned!


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