Have a Splendid Year!!

{via polyvore}

2011 is here!
and my oh my, has the past year gone by ridiculously fast.
2010 was a seriously big year for us and I cant help but look back in gratitude of all the wonderful things that have happened and are still going on. The year was full of love, dreams, challenges, experiences and realizations
Getting married to the love of my life this year was the most fabulous thing by far. Definitely a day…in fact a month to remember. I would love to do it all over again. We were blessed with an opportunity to buy our first home and family car together….(no there is no bun in the oven just yet)
…and with the launch of Pink Peony Weddings last year to top it off!
Being able to finally settle back into our hometown area and to re-connect with old friends was such a great feeling and meeting new people and being inspired by kind and humble encounters definitely kept us in check.
With wonderful weddings of friends and clients, Pregnancy news from amazing women in our lives, and side projects that are near and dear to us in between, everything has just been grand.
It has definitely been a very fast paced year and I relish the small opportunities like this one to stop and reflect on everything.
Moving forward will only call for bigger and better “awesomeness”…not out of greed or material want, but out of our desire and calling to always strive to do our best and make ourselves better.
This will be a big year for Pink Peony Weddings, with more and more weddings in the books, and big ideas fluttering around in my head….it makes me really excited to move forward. I have a great supportive network of friends, family & mentors to thank for motivating and grounding me to keep pushing PPW upward.
Here’s to a year of unfathomable greatness for all of us!


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