Cute Find: Ticings Cake decor

Planning for an upcoming party soon and stumbled upon this company called “ticings” which makes “edible icing appliqués” to spruce up your cakes or cupcakes. Their designs would definitely bring a fun flare to diy cupcakes for a wedding or any party!!

What are “Ticings”?
“ticings™ are thin sheets of edible icing printed with contemporary designs using food-grade inks.made in the u.s.a., gluten-free, FDA approved and kosher certified, ticings are best applied to fresh buttercreamfrosting. just peel and pressto give your cakes and frosteddesserts modern decorations in minutes!”

They have a few different types of designs for kids, parties, weddings…but you can design your own to match anything. I am thinking of using this for the cupcakes we are planning on making for my Grandma’s surprise shindig (a big reason I’ve been away from the blog world for a while when you combine that with weddings and consults).

Anyways, here are some really cute design and ideas from their page as well as a simple how to.

it’s as simple as one, two, three.”
1. frost. prepare your baked surface with a soft frosting (buttercream works best, but any soft frosting will work). make sure the finished surface is smooth and flat.
2. peel. with dry hands, gently peel ticings from the backing sheet and center on top of the frosted surface.
3. press. gently pat into place, smoothing the edges to remove any air bubbles or unevenness from the frosting underneath. add sprinkles, sanding sugar or frosting decorations around the edges to finish, or use alone for a quick and elegant decoration.

If you guys end up using them, share some pictures with me and I’ll do the same =)

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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