Hallo-weeen time!!

Hi Everyone!!
Well it has certainly been a while since our last update. We have been especially busy this month trying to get things set for a couple weddings and going to weddings…as guests =). In between…well…life. Its fast and fun!!
Seeing that we have another wedding this weekend, this will be a quickie post just to give you some eye candy and to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you. These coming couple of months will be a great time for PPW. We have some updating and re-vamping to do….as well as some non-wedding projects that are near and dear to us as the holidays fast approach and we will definitely share them with you.

Speaking of holidays…Halloween is right around the corner and it def makes for some good themed weddings. From candied apples, to pumpkins, a popping palette using Black, orange or purple with fun patterns in between (ie: damask)…you can really dec out if your wedding is Halloween weekend/themed…and don’t be fooled by the theme…..these weddings definitely don’t come out Gothic looking or dead, dreary and scary (unless that’s what your going for)…It’s actually quite the opposite.

Stay tuned…we have another…”what we’re loving now” post coming soon.

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