What we love: right now!

1. Not your “run of the mill” bouquets

bouquets that actually make you stop and say “Wow” that is different and so beautiful. I love it when they totally match the theme and feel of the wedding…not just in color of the flowers but also in the type of flowers. This one pictured above is so unique to me. I don’t even think I can name a single flower in that bouquet (that just might be my lack of knowledge in flower names =/ ). With the colors you can think of other typical flowers that she could have used…but didn’t….and it made for an awesome bouquet.

2. Neat Treats & eats for your guests.

custom tea bar with diy tags

“Blue” Velvet cake?!
tomato soup shots with mini grilled cheese
As a wedding guest….I love when the couples offer awesome treats and eats for the guest. Its a detail that will definitely go a long way with your guests….especially when you put thought into the presentation as well. For example you all have prob been to a wedding with a candy bar…love those! there are also dessert bars, cookie decorating station. You can think of a way to incorporate your favorite, food, treat or drink. For example pictured above is a tea selection with a personal touch of diy tags to denote each different tea flavor. You can also go with “unique” with your cake!! I really want to try that blue velvet..mmm…but really, try different flavors especially if you have a multi tiered cake. Another favorite trend I am seeing are mini treats/appetizers that take it back to basics, back to foods you remember as a kid. For example, mini cups of mac n’ cheese or who doesn’t like tomato soup and grilled cheese…but with a chic twist “tomato soup shots”…for dessert you can do cookie and milk shots. if you please the tummy, you will please your guests =)

3. Linens with a statement

If you want to add an automatic shot of style or personality to your wedding decor…one can never go wrong with printed linens….whether you use them in your napkins or tablecloths. no matter the budget, they always make a statement. You need to choose wisely though because depending on your existing decor (i.e. florals, or the venue setup), it might be overwhelming…so think about it first, and it might just be more $$. For example, if you have a decked out ballroom with elaborate walls, chandeliers and tall centerpieces…do you want paisley printed colored table cloths? maybe or maybe not…but do you need them? Do you want to spend the extra money for the specialty linens? or does the room already speak for itself? Pictured above are wonderful examples of the use of bold printed linens that bring together the whole feel of the environment….I especially love those striped table cloths….they are so dramatic!! and each unique printed napkin on the second example brings a pulled together playfullness that adds the right amount of color and spark to the table.
4. Wedding Ring Bowls

A really cute alternative to a ring bearer pillow. These cute little keepsakes are popping up all over etsy. You can tie your rings to them and have the ring bearers carry them in their palms down the aisle. And after the wedding, it makes for a very sentimental keepsake in the home. Most sellers will allow you to custom design the wording on the dish and put your date.

One thought on “What we love: right now!

  1. We've got a bowl for our wedding rings! 🙂 Since we dont have a ringbearer it will sit nicely on a table near the altar, and I love that we'll be able to hang it up somewhere after the wedding.

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