Accessory Finds: Bride & Groom

{etsy: designbykara}
For the ladies:
I found this seller on etsy who makes gorgeous…affordable, accessories, perfect for adding that touch of elegance to your wedding attire. go ther her shop: designbykara. Its hard to scour the ginormous monster that is “etsy” and find the perfect style and designer especially when it comes to wedding jewelry…because there are so many!!
designbykara does a great job making them vintage inspired, and having those awesome big baubles that us brides love without making it look cheap or fake! and I love the subtle color tints in the stones.

And what about the gents? They need to accessorize too!! These are a bit pricier than the ladies jewelry above but I had to share because I thought it was super cool…./nerdy…but cool
I know a lot of us brides used pantone colors and spreads to help us pinpoint our wedding colors and when we nailed it…we were ecstatic!! how many times have you gone to your fiance and said “which pink babe? this one, this one or this one?” I know I did. Well Pantone and Sonia Spencer linked up to make pantone cufflinks!! Thats right…I spotted them on the blog “What Junebug loves” and if I knew sooner before my wedding, I would’ve gotten those for my husband. At $110 a set, they would make a great grooms gift, or groomsmen gift depending on your budget.
Its a great way to tie in your colors and have the guy sport your color rather than depending on the usual vest/tie color or boutonniere color.

Hope you enjoy!

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