E-ring trend: Vintage… & Colored?

Arent these rings just gorgeous?! They have such style appeal to them and all very original! Now who wouldnt want to wear one of these beauties right?!

Now I’m not denying that we all love our sparkly white diamonds in our platinum’s and white golds and all….but really, I have been seeing 1) a lot of vintage inspired rings… & 2) more and more colored e-rings!! Yes we all know the celebs have theirs like the famous J-Lo one but also gals like Carrie Underwood, Penelope Cruz and Carmen Electra are some of the celebs that have been sporting a colored rock on their finger….but I’m talking about a different look that I have been spotting all over the blog world, etsy, and many trendy engaged ladies. If you don’t know, diamonds come in many many colors and I have to say, all those rustic colored ones…are just fantastic…they make for awesome jewelry pieces that are edgy, elegant, and original all at the same time. Other natural stones like some pictured above also come in a more natural state and exude these vibrant un-buffed colors…and when paired with these vintage inspired settings…well….its gorgeous!!

Four of these pieces are diamonds and another four are rubies! Can you believe it?!

These pictured above are the work of Cathy Waterman….I caught a glimpse of her work on “What Junebug Loves” wedding blog….and it made me remember all the times I’ve noticed beautiful vintage and rustic rings in a lot of the photos Ive been seeing in the wedding blog world.

This can also be a way to add originality to your engagement and show some of your personality, and also possibly, save your man some $$. The ones pictured above are a bit pricey but they are great design inspirations and you can also go to etsy to find some very cute rustic diamond rings with lots of personality….check out this one etsy store Bloomstudios. Another idea, scour vintage jewelry shops, and have some one re-set or re-design a piece that you find and absolutely love!

Would you rock one of these un-traditional engagement rings?

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