Etsy Registry: Lace Porcelain Bowl

Can someone please start an Etsy Wedding Registry?! I mean…really!! I think it would be in people’s best interest.
I would definitely put one of these lovely porcelain lace bowls on my registry over any piece of crystal any day!! with a price tag of $250…its a bit out of my range but you cant deny that these are gorgeous pieces.
find them on etsy by: isabelleabramson
On a more practical note though…if you are in the process of doing your registry; a little advice from our end. Have fun with it!! Don’t get suckered into the “norm” items like china, silverware, crystal, a blender….unless you actually need them or can see yourself using them within the first three months of being married. Or you can put a different spin on things. Some people don’t feel right putting really expensive things on their registry and asking people to buy it for them…i certainly didn’t. So instead we chose to go with things we needed….Our guideline: will we use it at least once in three months? if yes, then we decided we needed it. For example with plates, we didn’t put fine china, we put a nice everyday lenox set (mid price range) and decided to dress it up with nice place mats and cloth napkins from crate n’ barrel to dress things up….that way we can use for fancy Christmas dinners or more casual cocktail gathering….and we were pretty sure that we were not going to be hosting anything that required nice china (however i do have a vintage pale pink china tea set but that was given to me out of personal fancy).
We put a lot of appliances because that is what we needed and we also put decor items that we knew we could use in the new home as well as more eco friendly items like cooking utensils, sheets/ towels.
But If you go to places like, you can literally put anything, from perfume, to sports equipment, house goods, patio stuff….and you can really really “go to town” with your registry.
The last thing you want is a bunch of boxes in your storage area full of things that people gave you and you have no space for or don’t use.

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