Wedding Bliss: We’re Back!

{Photos above compliments of Jaeveberries}

Ive missed my blog while I was away! But we are here & back from all our wedding festivities and our honeymoon! There is so much to say and share about the whole experience and all the emotions that are flying around.

We spent a week in San Diego before the wedding with my family and it was a great time to just spend together…goof off and enjoy the summer. We really did goof off most of the time; running wedding errands here and there but mostly making our way to the horse races, shopping, happy hours, coronado beach with the boys….it was a blast. When Thursday and Friday came, we buckled down and got all the last minute things done. My parents were such a big help! finishing my crafts and diy projects…even my dad had a big hand in that! finding more jars for our candy bar to packing up all our stuff so we can hand it over to our coordinator. I honestly don’t know how me and Daniel would have been able to do it without them. Its not a piece of cake bringing all our wedding stuff down to SD and getting everything set.

The day of the wedding came and I was banking on getting a good 8 hours but only managed 6…i guess that will do =P and when I woke up…that’s when I felt the nerves! my tummy started twisting as if I was really anxious! but it wasn’t like I was nervous to get married or unsure of my decision…I felt like I was going to go on stage for something to perform something or say a big speech!! It was really weird. I calmed down as all the commotion started that day and the girls began arriving for our beautifying session. It was really chill and laid back getting ready, people went and came as they pleased! we ate, watched tv and it was great…..and low and behold….9 bridesmaids, 1 bride, 1 flower girl, 1 mom and grandma and 1 toast of pink champagne later…we were heading out the door of the hotel and checking out ON TIME!! I couldn’t believe it!…with time to spare. I was so proud of everyone!

After Girl pictures, we headed to the limo bus and we hydrated, snacked, listened to music…rested….on our way to the church (my poor girls had to meet me at 8am and some didn’t even get to SD till 3 or 5 in the morning. they were troopers!). The excitement started to build as people saw us pull in and I saw all these people outside the church all dressed up and people trying to peer into the bus. Then I saw my Dad! He looked so handsome!! and I realized that this going to happen real real soon!

It wasn’t until me and my dad, all by ourselves were standing at the end of the aisle, about to walk down that I started crying. It was mixed emotions of just bliss and happiness, to “wow look at all these people” “wow look at Daniel” “He’s already crying” to “wow! Im so blessed to have my dad here with me walking with me” “OMG Dads crying too” so I just took my priest and coordinators advice and let the tears roll rather than fight them.

The ceremony was beautiful…everything had meaning to it from our readings to the music to our priest…he is a dear friend of ours. It felt very personal and we were very grateful.

On to the reception…when we arrived we were early so our coordinator stole us for a bit to take a sneak peak into the dining area that was closed off for cocktail hour! I tell you I was stunned when I walked in!! not because i thought it was the “best ever”…it was that….for two years Ive been planning this, organizing all the details, working with this vision and picture I had in my head and here it was in front of me and it was insanely amazing and everything i hoped for and better. that’s what I was thinking as I turned around to take a whole look at the garden. When we went outside to mingle, it just got better because everywhere i turned, there was a little detail that I would see and get excited about and then I would see everyone having a good time, getting drinks and appetizers…it was great!

Daniel saw the excitement in my face with the way everything turned out and he too was smiling ear to ear! we were with each other the whole night…I don’t think we ever left each other’s side! we celebrated the whole night dancing, watching our slide show, sneaking in kisses, taking a look around at everything and everyone.

At the end of the night, we could say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and that we were able to actually remember the night and where the time went. It didn’t go by too fast and we were able to take it all in. We were humbled by everyone that came to celebrate and everyone that helped to make this celebration happen….and we were ready for our honeymoon!

This post is picture heavy because we took some photos from each of our friends and family that have shared some with us so that you can get a good look at what they saw and what their perspective was…we hope you enjoy.




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