Beauty-ful day!

Have you thought about your beauty regimen for your big day? You may know who will be doing your hair and makeup, but did you really think about what you want to do with your hair? What look you are going for with your makeup?

Looking into ideas and inspirations for these two things can help your hair and makeup artist tremendously in trying to create the best look for you. Give it some thought pull some pictures, and share them with your artists.

For Hairstyles, try to pull pictures of both front style and back style hair do’s. Sometimes, the pictures you find for inspiration only show one side. And try different things. You may think you want a pulled back look with pinned curls, but you and your dress might look better with a softer look or hair half down! If you can do a trial run, even better.

Here are some of my favorite Hair styles, inspired by celebrities via and some photos from hairstyles.

If makeup is not your specialty (ex: myself), def seek an opinion of an expert…even if you are not hiring a makeup artist. A lot of you may be really good at applying makeup to yourself for work or going out, but for a wedding, it is a whole other ball game. You need stuff that will last, the whole day, something that will withstand tears, heat, cold, sweat, and lots of photo taking. Unless you apply the right amount and right colors, your makeup can get washed out in photos, so if you decide to do makeup yourself, at least consult someone at a makeup counter, or a professional makeup artist. Talk to them about what look you are going for, natural and glowy, sultry, dramatic, cool and crisp? tell them what you are comfortable with and what you would like to try differently.
But not all aspects of wedding Beauty fall into the hands of the stylists. You need to do your part too in order to make sure you are feeling rested and fresh! Here is a list of beauty preparation instructions from Judith Koppelman, makeup artist to the stars. Found the article on Project wedding and it also list some beauty item must haves.

Her Special Wedding Instructions!
Naturally, on your wedding day, you want to look and feel your very best …
1. Get plenty of sleep, please!

2. Don’t try anything new on your skin 7-10 days before your wedding. You don’t know how your skin will react.
3. Well-shaped brows can open up your whole face, get them done ten days before the wedding, then two days before get them touched up or pluck the few strays yourself.
4. One reason to hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist: they will come armed with all the necessary tools to make you look your best. Being pampered by pros also allows you to relax on your most important day.
5. Have a trial run with your makeup artist if you are using one, as well as your hairdresser. Feel free to express yourself when something does not feel right for you, this is what the trial is for.
6. One week before and the day of — limit your salt and alcohol intake, which can lead to puffiness. Drink plenty of water, which will flush out toxins and can help prevent dehydration headaches.
7. Freeze moistened green or white tea bags to put over your eyes. The ingredients in them help reduce puffiness.
8. While getting your hair or makeup done, taking the time to put your feet up, relax a little and drink your water.
Finally, it never hurts to just lie down and take a rest — your eyes will reflect your refreshed energy and spirit. The better care you take of them, the brighter they’ll sparkle!

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