DIY Favors: Ice cream in jar!!

I just had to share this favor idea with everyone. I am a big…a HUGE…ice cream lover so when I saw this diy favor idea…I went nuts. This is a great idea for all the summer weddings out there and very unique. As a guest I would love to take one of these home and try this little treat…Do you remember doing this in your science camps when you were kids?!

I didn’t show all the step by step pictures because I am hoping you trot over to Style me pretty to take a look at the article. But here are the instructions.

Thanks to style me pretty for sharing this City Cradle Design.

Glass mason Jar
Small zip-lock plastic bags
half & half individual packets
Rock salt
sugar & vanilla powder

**The guest will only have to add ice!**
1) print out the labels for your jars, cutout and personalize the side label to say what you would like to your guests
2) Pour 1 cup rock salt into the bottom of each jar
3) Pour 1 tablespoon sugar & 1 teaspoon vanilla powder into a small (quart size) zip-lock bag and seal
4) combine the bag of powder and 8 of the half and half packets in each jar
5) tie on your front label with twine
6) tie on your side labels with ribbon for your guests

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