Wedding Wednesday: Color and DIY

{photo boards compliments of 100 layer cake}

I think one of the most challenging things for me when I started planning our wedding was picking our colors….That decision has long been made but I do remember stressing about that the most…seriously…that was the most stressed I got. I have lots of favorite colors so that department couldn’t really help me in deciding my color scheme. I wanted to be different but still “me” and I went through so many combos trying to find the right fit. I tried finding inspiration boards to help me out and I went to the usuals, the knot, googled, Ms. Stewart, bought hoards of magazines and ripped out pages….yeah it was tough. I really wish I knew about this site/blog “100 layer cake” a while back. She has got a whole section of color inspiration boards and they are not your “run of the mill” palettes. They are all so unique and fun. She also has sections devoted to wedding details, real weddings, and pretty paper along with lists of her favorite topics. Above are some of my favorite palettes that I saw. Check out a ton more of them here

Are there any DIY brides out there? I don’t think I would consider myself one but I know I will have a few DIY projects that me and my mom will need to churn out. Well if you are contemplating if a project is worth doing….nothing helps decision making more than simply laid out flow charts and decisions trees!! I totally downloaded this and am going to run all our projects through it. This too is also from 100 layer cake…see, I’m telling you this blog is an awesome wedding resource!

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